Edwin Teech


Edwin Teech is not good at sailing, but is good at falling in love.


Edwin Teech was born the third son of a large family in a small town outside of the big city. Not always the quickest learner, Edwin excelled in athletics, thrice winning his town’s May Day ball race. At 15, he was recruited by a distant uncle to join the guards of the Keeper of the Light, where he served with distinction for four years. Outside Mt. Azur, he successfully fought off a band of brigands that attempted to kidnap his master, leading to his promotion to Personal Bodyguard of the Keeper.

Still, despite his professional success, financial security and (relatively) wide travels, a hole remained in his heart. He dreamed of going to sea, and he dreamed of finding the perfect girl to join him on the blue waves. One day, he thought his dreams had come real, as he was swept off of his feet by an attractive drifter with sparkling eyes. She charmed him into taking to the open sea with her.

Abandoning his post and home, Edwin thought all would be okay as long as he was with his love. Unfortunately, she did not have the same opinion. After sailing south for a few hours, the drifter tricked the young guard into going ashore on a distant island. As his back was turned, she set off in the sail-boat, stranding him with no resources, no money, and no hope to return to his previous life.

His only option is to turn to the sea for the sustenance, perhaps by joining one of the many corsairs who are said to travel amongst the small islands off the coast…

Edwin Teech

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