Glass Staff

Dead. Had a glass staff.


An elderly, dark-haired, slightly balding human man.
Portly, and wears a greasy goatee.

A magic enthusiast who occasionally dabbles in wizardry, usually seen wearing dark robes stained with sweat, or sometimes scraps of ill-fitting leather armor. As uncomfortable holding a weapon as he is being threatened with one.

Had a small collection of alchemical supplies and reagents, and many paper records of the goods the Red Brand Ruffians had collected/seized, and a note that reads:

Lord Albrek— My spies in Cormyr tell me that the eldest Rockseeker is due to arrive in Phandalin in just a few days. Capture him if you can, kill him if you must, but don’t let him or anyone else disturb our search. See that any maps in his possession are delivered to me with haste. I’m counting on you, Iarno. Don’t disappoint me.


A former tax collector in the employ of House Coster of the Brenin Kingdoms. Sent to Phandalin to collect the annual tax from the town, but seeing an opportunity to fill the power vacuum, gathered a gang of ne’er-do-wells (the Red Brand Ruffians) and seized power over Phandalin.

Glass Staff

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