Heqanakht al-Ka

Heqanakht al-Ka is a wizard of tremendous power, currently trapped in a ring possessed by Kip Zippenpoof


A small ring carved from a single piece of obsidian, with runes in an ancient dialect of Thaish along both sides. Flecked with tiny bits of jet.


Life in the Netheril Empire
Heqanakht al-Ka served as a court mage of the Netheril, an ancient human empire. Experimenting with the necromantic arts, al-Ka was able to extend his lifespan to almost 300 years while attempting to become a lich; however, he was slain before bringing his phylactery rites to completion. Instead of resurrecting as a lich, al-Ka’s consciousness was trapped inside an obsidian ring. Hundreds of years of confinement and the realization of his utter impotence to escape his prison drove him to madness.

However, Heqanakht’s power and knowledge were still held in high esteem by the Netherilian elite, and he was often consulted on matters of magic and battle, though his political enemies managed to ensure that he was never granted a new body, rightly assuming he was much easier to handle and control trapped in the ring. His last known location was on the person of General Khemet al-Rhakid, who was bearing him north across the Strait of Amadorn during Netheril’s military campaign in the southern Brenin Kingdoms.


Heqanakht al-Ka as he appeared near the end of his life

Present day
A necromancer dug up the ring containing al-Ka on an exploratory archaelogical expedition to Old Owl Well. Recognizing the immense power within, the necromancer shut the ring in a jewelbox, intending to subject it to thorough study after his expedition was over. Before he could study it, however, a band of adventurers from Phandalin attacked his outpost and slayed him. The gnome rogue Kip Zippenpoof took the ringbox from the expedition site and al-Ka has since been in his possession, unbeknownst to his fellow travelers…

Heqanakht al-Ka

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