King Krol

Goblin king


King Krol was a fierce, enormous bugbear.


King Krol ruled over his kingdom of goblins from his throne in Cragmaw Castle.

Encounter with the Phandalin Adventurers
The band of adventurers from Phandalin were brought to Cragmaw Castle by the advice of the goblin chieftain Groop. There, Helo├»se Strange attempted to negotiate her way to a meeting with Krol. Though she was initially successful in gaining admission to the castle, her meeting took a turn for the worse when she was stabbed in the back by a mysterious drow elf. As this was happening, the rest of the Phandalin band sieged the castle, making quick work of the wooden gates with the help of Odo Esstlerd’s magical battleaxe. Enraged, Krol lead a band of hobgoblins and forced the Phandalin band to retreat.

The defeat
After chasing away the heroes from Phandalin, Krol rallied what remained of his forces and holed up Cragmaw castle. But the adventurers prepared to mount a second assault.

King Krol

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