Brenin Kingdoms

Warring Kingdoms

The Brenin Kingdoms is the name given to a region of ever-changing borders and political turmoil on the northern landmass of the continent of Amarath. Though currently united under one ruler, the king’s grasp on the five kingdoms is tenuous at best, and recent political instability threatens to unseat House Brenus as the political authority in the land.

A small, independent dwarven kingdom dwells in the Stonehome mountains, and does not owe allegiance to the Kingdoms.

A collection of elven enclaves exists in the east, collectively called “the Apinsate”, from where the elves are allowed to rule their own lands in a loose federation, as long as they pay a small tribute to the Great Houses.


Social Structure

The Brenin Kingdoms are primarily inhabited by humans native to Amarath and some immigrants from Nyf to the north and the Brillish Waste to the south. Enclaves of elves exist in the north-east of the region, in the wooded hills and moors, but are rare on the plains and in the mountains.

The Kingdoms operate under a manorial system in which landed lords owe allegiance to one of the five Great Houses: House Brenus, House Koster, House Bohemont, House Ilberin, and House Tancred.

All citizens of the five kingdoms pay tribute to their local lord, who in turn pays tribute to the Great House which has granted them their land, who in turn pays tribute to the king.

In the Brenin Kingdoms, the nobility are the highest class, followed by priests, then merchants, then soldiers and bannermen of the houses, and then peasants. Slavery is uncommon in all the Kingdoms.

Inclusion in the nobility is restricted to those born into it or raised there by one of the Great Houses.

Brenin Kingdoms

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