The Frontier Town with a Secret

Phandalin sits at the edge of the Brenin Kingdoms, nestled in the northern foothills of the Stonehome Mountains. While technically part of the lands of House Coster, Phandalin has not seen a tax collector in years, and no local lord has sat on the throne in Tresendar Manor in even longer.

The Redbrand Ruffians

Phandalin was at the mercy of a vicious gang of outlaws, the Red Brand Ruffians, until they were defeated and scattered at the Battle of Tresendar Manor. After raiding the gang’s headquarters, it was revealed that Iarno Albrek, the last tax collector sent by House Coster, four years before the battle, had formed the gang and was controlling its day-to-day operations.

Notable Nearby Locations

Old Owl Well

The site of a centuries-old ruined watchtower, an outpost of a controlling force from the empire of Thay, to the South.

The Ruins of Thundertree

A small mining village destroyed by a natural disaster when the nearby Wave Echo Cave collapsed, flooding the area with dangerous magic and destroying most of the population.

Notable NPCs


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