Tales of Draeth

An ancient world still humming with the remnants of magic of ages past.
Tired empires finally slumping into submission as the years and the growing savagery of the world batter down their walls.
Dangerous political forces moving unseen, respecting no borders and no law in their quest for dominion.
Vile creatures slithering out of cracks in the earth, or swimming up from the depths, or striking from beyond the stars.
And across the face of the world, something is happening. Something is changing, and something new is forming. The heroes of Draeth are at the edge of that change.

The Game

Standard swords-and-sorcery high fantasy world with a decidedly political bent.
Emphasis on geography and cohesive world-building, with a focus on three-dimensional characters and societies.
Narrative combat, and a fascination with breaking the standard combat rules whenever possible.
Maybe even some fun.

Game Information

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Tales of Draeth

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