Kip Zippenpoof

Gnome arcane trickster.



STR 14DEX 16CON 13INT 14WIS 11CHA 15


Mage Hand, Ray of Frost, Minor Illusion
Level 1
Burning Hands, Sleep, Tasha’s Hideous Laugh


Early Life
Kip was born to a family of mine-prospector gnomes in Wave Echo Cave. His youth was spent in the mines playing and exploring with the other children. When Wave Echo Cave collapsed for mysterious reasons, Kip’s mother died in a tunnel cave-in.

To the Forest
After the collapse of Wave Echo Cave, Kip and his father moved to the nearby forest of X and attempted to start a new life. Kip never fit in very well with the forest gnomes, who were more mischievous than the rock gnomes and always made fun of him for his lack of nature-aptitude.

To Phandalin
Tired of his life in the forest gnome settlement, and eager to prove his worth and find answers the collapse of Wave Echo Cave, Kip resolved to set out into the world alone.

The Ring of Heqanakht al-Ka
After slaying a necromancer at Old Owl Well, Kip discovered a jewelbox among the necromancer’s possessions. He decided to take it for himself, without informing his party of its contents: a mysterious obsidian ring. When opening the jewelbox for the first time, Kip was quite surprised to hear it speak: “It has been so long, yes, put on the ring…

After conversing with the ring for a while, Kip learned that in it was imprisoned the Netheril wizardHeqanakht al-Ka, a being of tremendous arcane knowledge and power. Wary of al-Ka, but driven by an intense curiosity to learn the wizard’s secrets, Kip began conversing with the ring. al-Ka’s rambling, disjoint speech — delivered authoritatively, oftentimes in monologue — fascinated Kip, who in his youth had always lagged behind the forest-born gnomes when it came to magic. He resolved to learn all he could from al-Ka, feverishly studying the various arcane tomes he came across in his travels. With each passing day, he felt himself growing more and more powerful; with each passing night, he heard the whispers of al-Ka growing louder and louder in his ear.

Kip Zippenpoof

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