Odo Esstlerd

Martial disciple of Alhaen


32 HP

16 AC (armored)

WIS, CHA saves prof.

Magic Items:

“Hew” an ax that kills dryads? It’s not double-bit.


The Esstlerd family has been landed in the southwestern Amaranth plains for generations. Their influence has had both highs and lows over this period, and at the time of Odo’s birth, the family controls a few semi-contiguous manorial lands, united under the name “the barony of Frithwyn”. The title of Baron is held by Odo’s father, Edill Esstlerd, who is addressed in court and abroad by his office as “Frithwyn”. Odo is Edill’s first son, but fell out of favor when, at 17, he slew the son of a duke in a duel. Their quarrel, the details of which are hard to collect, developed over several months and appears to have involved the contracts of a regional guild of stonemasons, the maidenhood of one of the dukes daughters, and the location of a particularly expensive barrel of herring fish caught in the icy waters off Nyf.

To appease the outraged duke, avoid regional conflict, and chastise Odo, Frithwyn sent Odo away to a nearby abbey to become a man of faith. The abbey, built in the name of Alhaen “the Thresher”, requires the celibacy of its initiates, voiding Odo’s claims to his father’s lands so long as he remains under his oath. The paladin oaths also forbid the telling of falsehoods and mandate obedience to legitimate authority. Were Odo to willfully forswear his oath, no only would would he lose the privileges bestowed upon him by his deity, he would also carry the large dishonor of being an oath-breaker for the rest of his life.

Odo became employed by the Rockseekers shortly after being sent into the world by the abbot to complete the final phase of his training. After the defeat of the Red Brand Ruffians, Odo was no longer a mere acolyte, fully assuming the title of ‘lead guard’, the name given to the martial priests of Alhean. In a path not uncommon for warrior priests, he also joined the Order of the Gauntlet, a faction of duty-bound warriors that should allow Odo to rise in status as a lordless knight.

Odo Esstlerd

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