Lore of Draeth

Lore of Draeth

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The world of Draeth is at least 3 billion years old. Sentient races have existed for at least 2500 years (the length of the memory of the elves), but many ancient myths involve early races’ interactions with intelligent beings that existed before them.

The People of Draeth

Draeth is home to a multitude of races, from the widespread and populous humans to the proud and ancient dwarves. It is widely accepted that the elves, were the first sentient race on Draeth, and they claim that they took form on a now-lost continent in an act of divine intervention on Draeth.

Smaller pockets of unique races, such as halflings and gnomes, inhabit the fringes of society.

In the far corners of the world, it is rumored that dragonborn, tieflings, and merfolk still exist.

The giants, of course, have been extinct for a long time.

Lore of Draeth

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