Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes

Prestige classes are a homebrewed way to add more variety to your character, lifted from a 3.5e mechanic of the same name. They are character classes that embody certain fantasy archetypes or cool character ideas that don’t need a full 20-level progression, but are specialized somehow.

Just like multiclassing in 5e, you can take a level in a prestige class instead of a taking a level in your current class. You will gain all the proficiencies of the prestige class, and gain class features according to the leveling chart on the prestige class. Once you take a level in a prestige class, you must take a level in another class before you can take another level in that prestige class.

In order to take a level in a prestige class, you must meet the requirements listed on the page. Check with me if you need any clarification on the features or requirements. I hope these rules allow for more flexibility and fun in character progression.

Complete Prestige Classes

Anti-Mage (Prestige Class): use your natural resistance to magic to shrug off powerful spells and hunt mages.

WIP Prestige Classes

Arcane Archer (Prestige Class): bind spells into your arrows and use your bow skills to propel your magic across the battlefield.

Ideas for Prestige Classes

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Prestige Classes

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